The band was formed in 2010 in Trieste (Italy) by guitarist and songwriter Roko Smajlagic, joined by his friend and bass player from Croatia Davor Pavelić, from their previous band HEAT. After a while they recruited drummer Emanuele Petrucci, guitarist Peter Pahor and on the end with keyboard player Ales Lavric the band was completed. Ales had a lot of experience about arrangements and orchestrations for metal and classical music. During the recordings of the album MASTER OF THE SEA the band faced a lot of problems to find the right timbre and style of the voice Tharefore the band gave chances to many singers. Some day the doors of heaven and hell opened and we met a Italian metal singer Rudy Berginc. He joined us and so the line-up of the band was completed.

The band had a lot of choices about the world's famous producers. German producer Achim Koehler was a choice minotauro made it.He offer us production, which we wanted to. Achim also mixed and mastered our album.
The album features some special guests too, like Goran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Street Talk, Karmakanic) from Sweden, Tom Naumann (Primal Fear, Sinner) from Germany and the guitar virtuoso and studio session-man Bor Zuljan (Devil Doll, Sank Rock) from Slovenia.

MINOTAURO has a stable collaboration with a symphonic orchestra as well. The band works exclusively with the Croatian Orchestra IstiraPhonic, directed by Denis Modrušan, who also worked with the band during the production of the album.
After the release of the album the guitarist Peter left the band and the members of the Minotauro decided to call our old friend Damjan Caharija to replace him. Damjan was highly stimulated by the call and he and he enthusiastically accepted the invitation.

On March 2013 the band confirmed the agreement with German label DUST ON THE TRACKS, that take care of our music. The band is working on new songs for next album.


Rudy Berginc - vocals
Roko Smailagic - guitar
Damjan Caharija - guitar
Davor Pavelic - bass
Ales Lavric - keyboards
Emanuele Petrucci - drums

Special member

Denis Modrusan - conductor


Master Of The Sea


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